Hadassah is a talented professional and an ethical warm person. She is engaging, hard-working and thoughtful. Hadassah is a strong courageous role model. She has taken on new experiences and excelled. She left an indelible mark on our hearts. 


Mrs. Peggy Gries Wager

Executive Director Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale University





It is a tremendous source of pride for me to see young children growing up in Poland and learning their Jewish heritage. This is why I began my foundation 25 years ago, and I know it is your hard work that had helped make this dream come true.

Ronald S. Lauderr

President, The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation

President and Chairman of World Jewish Congress




Hadassah has been an active member of the Warsaw Shul Community since the early 2000’s. She is a mentor for younger women on how to live in Warsaw. Hadassah is an example for other how to live a halachic life in Warsaw.


Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu

Head of The European Beth Din

Conference of European Rabbis / London





You have given so much to the Warsaw community as members and as leaders of the Lauder school, with your resourceful and diligent work, never failing to stay positive and gracious, always ready to learn more and find new ways of transmitting Jewish values to others.


Rebbeztin Charlotte Dunner

European Beth Din

Head of the Conference of European Rebbetzins / London

You were the pioneer participant from abroad in Eishet Chayil. Having you there on a professional level, obligated me to ensure the program would meet higher specifications. Personally, it was a pleasure to spend time with you because of the rairty to meet someone like minded; driven, intelligent, articulate and clear about the power you have to make a positive impact in your respective roles in the community and school.


Mrs. Hadassah Halpern

Director Eishet Chayil

Ein Projekt des Rabbinerseminar zu / Berlin





Hadassah was than more willing to share her broad experiences with online Jewish learning and impressed us by both her professionalism and enthusiasm.


Mrs. Henny van het Hoofd

Nederlands-Israelitisch Kergenootschap

Department of Education / Amsterdam


She has built a program for Hebrew-speaking kindergarten children, teaching them to daven, make brachos, learn about the weekly parsha, and introducing them to the names of gedolei Torah.


Binyamin Rose

Mishpacha, Jewish Family Weekly Magazine / Warsaw






She helped me to proudly represent the State of Israel, the Israeli Ministry of Defence and the Israeli Defence Forces.


Col. Adi Bershadsky

Defence and Military Attaché / Warsaw





Thank you for helping me to make my dream come true.


Ronny Someck

Israeli author, poet and artist